Which Agile principle is most important?

Here are some great insights from the video!

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan: “[Teams] get so busy with meetings and everything else that they don’t realize that they’re held accountable for actually delivering software.

David Hawkes: “If we really measure our progress of getting things to the finish line, then we’re going to be a lot better off, and that’s going to force us to figure out a lot of other things.”

Mike Visdos: “So many times, we forget about who our customers are and we really, really need to focus on delivering the highest business value to our customers or end-users.

Joe Justice: When the most important measurement is customer visible value, we know we’re focusing on the right thing and sending the right behavior across the teams.

Al Shalloway: “Agile is actually about incremental delivery of business value.”

Janet Gregory: “If we constantly are improving, even tiny little bit, then we’re learning all the time and we will adapt the other principles and remember to keep it simple.”

Nate Oster: “Agile doesn’t mean just following a certain set of practices and checking the boxes and saying, “That’s Agile, these things.” Instead, it’s a process of ongoing continuous improvement.”

Ardita Karaj: “The learning is not only about learning what is our velocity and what should we do, it’s about learning your product better and learning your process better.”

Jared Richardson: “It was Eisenhower that said the plan is vital, but the plan is useless…You need to have those plans, but you need to be flexible and willing and humble enough to say, “You know what, the plan’s not working and it needs to be adjusted.’”

Pete Behrens: “It fundamentally comes down to putting the right people and the right position and giving them the right tools to be effective. For me, it’s less about Agile. It’s more about the collaboration of good people working together.”

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