What should teams ask themselves before transitioning to Scrum?

Want a quick synopsis? Here are a few pearls of wisdom our panelists shared with us during the interview:

Jared Richardson: “If it’s not about making the customer happy and succeeding, if it’s about increased efficiency, if it’s about saving money, if it’s about controlling development or testing, then you’re doing it for the wrong reason and it will probably fail because it’s being used as a manipulative management tool.”

Ardita Karaj: “What is the goal? What are we going to try and achieve by moving to Scrum? What is Scrum going to fix? Understanding why is definitely the very first [question] to start on.

Pete Behrens: “We need to ask ourselves “Are we willing to change ourselves? Are we willing to change our company? Are we willing to change our structures, who we are?” It’s more about being Agile, than doing Agile.”

David Hawkes: “They need to be ready to dig in, own it and persevere, and then they’ll get the gains from it.”

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan: “Agile’s far more collaborative, so you have to be able to work closely with people, talk to people.”

David Hussman: “What does success look like six months from now? What is the future? Where are you trying to go? I think you want to figure out what outcomes you’re chasing, and figure out how the things you’re going to introduce are going to get there.”

Joe Justice: “If they know…the organization is willing to let them make some changes in their team norms, maybe even see different metrics to know how the team’s doing and what help the team needs, then they’re probably ready to get the benefits of Scrum.”

Nate Oster: “Ask yourselves, “If we try and work this way, what are we going to expose that’s always been there, but we’ve never had to deal with before?” Then try and get ahead of those impediments as best you can.”

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