What practices can dev teams use with Scrum to be more effective?

David Hussman: “If you can’t integrate, you can’t test. If you can’t test, you can’t learn.”

Janet Gregory: “Have the conversation about testing early in the process versus after the software’s been written.”

Nate Oster: “Spec by example… More than any other single practice, it forces us to begin with the end in mind to say, “What counts as done for a story as a whole team?””

Al Shalloway: “You should explicitly say, “This is how we’re doing it.” And by explicit, I just mean we’ve talked about it… I don’t mean we’ve made it harder to change.”

Joe Justice: “Pairing and swarming, as social norms across the team, seem to deliver tremendous benefits.”

David Hawks: “One that we’re using a lot lately is story mapping… That technique we find allows people to really understand what they’re building, be able to prioritize what contact, and do things like that.”

Jared Richardson: “Continuous integration is… the biggest bang for the buck in terms of benefit to your team and it’s a good way to show the team the benefit of the rapid feedback without changing the way they work before you started.”

Mike Vizdos: “Work with interpersonal development, and collaboration techniques, and facilitation.”

Pete Behrens: “Without having sponsorship, without having leadership focusing on the organizational structures, the organizational culture, those teams can’t be effective for long.”

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