The Scrum Essentials Webinar

Want to get a high-level overview of the Scrum methodology? This fast-paced webinar hosted by Axosoft Scrum Master Jonathan Silva, provides all the background you need to understand what Scrum is and how it can work for your team. To get started, turn up the volume and watch our Scrum Essentials webinar now!


  1. Laura Cooney says

    I wonder why you have not brought up the role of a Business Analyst. Many of the Agile Scrum Teams I have worked with utilize the skillset of a Business Analyst who can elicit features, functions, and details from the Product Owner and/or SME’s during Sprint 0 and clarification on items in the Sprint. Thoughts?

    • Sara Breeding says

      Hi Laura,

      Business Analyst isn’t technically part of the framework. Usually this person ends up becoming the Product Owner or assists the PO, like you mentioned. With that being said, nothing is actually stopping any team from including the BA in their Scrum team.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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