In Agile, is Process Considered Overhead?

Jared Richardson – [Process] is overhead in the same way that buying your developers faster computers is overhead, yes it costs you more money, but in theory they’ll get done more quickly.”

Janet Gregory – “I love process… but when you’re thinking about process, think about how can you make it as lightweight as possible?”

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan – “[Process] definitely is overhead, the question people should be asking themselves is, is it worth it or not?”

Mike Vizdos – Is process overhead? Yes. It could be used almost as a shield to forget about delivering working software to your customers.”

Joe Justice – “Any time spent not delivering working product is absolutely overhead.”

Nate Oster – “Agile doesn’t say, don’t do process, it says, what’s the minimum process that could possibly work?

David Hussman – “I think [process] is sometimes a tax. There’s always some sort of organizational tax you pay so you have an idea of where you’re going, and you want to pour most of your energy into trying to get there.”

Ardita Karaj – You need just enough process so it helps the team… It’s the team that decides what works for them.”

Pete Behrens – “Process is required to actually become efficient and effective… We have to be somewhere between total chaos and total control, and that’s just enough process. That’s what I believe Scrum and Kanban provide.”


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