How to Motivate a New Scrum Team


Because Scrum focuses on quick iterations and constant improvement, look for short-term wins throughout the implementation process.The achievement of these micro-goals generates evidence that can help justify the cost and pain of adoption. You should also find use-cases from similar companies that show how Scrum adoption has “increased ROI by X%” or “improved efficiencies by Y.” Don’t be afraid to run a pilot program yourself because the team can use positive outcomes to gain support.

These efforts provide positive reinforcement for individuals who endorse the Scrum initiative, and give them reason to further support you. Short-term wins also help fine-tune the vision and strategy of Scrum within your organization. Implementation is a “hands-on” process that will require constant tweaking while your team figures things out. When teammates see the success of your first Scrum project, it’s easier to influence others to buy-in. Be available and be involved. Inspect and adapt.

Generating positive outcomes from your first Scrum project undermines the power of naysayers and shows them how the methodology can help your company. The quick turnaround of beneficial results can keep management engaged, build momentum for buy-in, and eliminate months of negative feedback while things get going.

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