How Can Agile and Scrum Help Your Development?

Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword – It [Scrum] completely revolutionized our business and made us a unique company.

David Hawks, Agile Coach – Being able to deliver more value and get things done, as opposed to having a lot of things in progress.

Pete Behrens, Agile Coach and Trainer – Agile has helped me understand that being more open and responsive to change allows me to be a more effective leader.

Mike Vizdos, Agile/Scrum Trainer – It [Scrum] has actually helped me to stay focused and actually deliver on time and under budget.

Al Shalloway, CEO of Net Objectives – Knowing if I have working code at the end of a sprint and if I’ve done it well. The simplicity of Scrum makes that so apparent.

Jared Richardson, Agile Coach – Short iterations, rapid feedback, automate everything – it’s hard to imagine doing software when you’re not doing it that way. Agile changed and shaped the way I develop software.

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