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Should you adopt Scrum

7/22/14: Expert Interview Panel #2 from the Agile Development Con

Should you adopt Scrum

7/9/14: Interview Panel #1 at the Agile Development Con

Executive Buy-in

6/03/14: Scrum Essentials Webinar

Understanding the Scrum Basics

Scrum Diagram

Scrum Diagram

Download our diagram as a Scrum quick-reference for you and your team.

Scrum Guide

Scrum Guide

These bite-sized chapters will cover the key concepts Scrum incorporates, and define the most common terminology.

Implementing Scrum at Your Organization

Should you adopt Scrum

Will Scrum work for You?

Can the Scrum methodology help your team become more efficient and cohesive? Find out here!

Executive Buy-in

How to Get Team Buy-In

Once you've chosen Scrum, you'll need to get your team on board, learn how to rally support and begin implementation.

Training your team

Training your New Scrum Team

To implement Scrum, you'll need to coach everyone in the organization. Discover the best training methods here and get started!

Common Hurdles

Overcoming Common Hurdles

Scrum implementations are hard. That's why we've come up with a few ways to power through the most common obstacles.

Scrum Metrics

Defining Success Scrum Metrics

Want to find out how well your Scrum transformation is going? Then use these metrics to measure your team!

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  • Step 1: Get Scrum education
  • Step 2: Begin team implementation

These two ingredients are necessary for successful Scrum transformations. Now that you're already working on the first item, let Axosoft Scrum software help you with the second.

Becoming a Scrum Team

Your first backlog

Breaking Down the Backlog

The product backlog is the backbone of your Scrum execution. That's why this article helps you get a grasp of the backlog basics.

Product Owner

Five Things a Product Owner Needs to Know

A few tips product owners should keep in mind to be effective and stay off the chopping block.

Scrum Master

What Does a Scrum Master Do All Day?

We know the Scrum Master is a crucial player on new Scrum teams, but what exactly does he or she do all day?

Scrum Managers

A Manager's Role on the Scrum Team

What does it mean to be an “agile manager” and how do they fit in with product owners and Scrum Masters?

Daily Standup

How to Conduct a Daily Standup

Coming soon!


Story Points vs. Hours

Coming soon!

Scrum + Kanban

Kanban Fundamentals

Kanban Fundamentals

Learn how to use Kanban for your projects, and how it can combine with the Scrum methodology.

Kanban Diagram

Kanban Diagram

Download our diagram as a Kanban quick-reference for you and your team.

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